Heather and Casey are bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts and they are always looking for new ways to style out their bikes (and yours)!  They are also avid thrifters, estate salers and general treasure hunters with a passion for repurposing vintage items and finding clever ways to recycle.  They have always been very close and thoroughly enjoy working together.  Their workshop is not only a place where many interesting products are created but it is also where many stupid jokes and awful songs are born. The sisters are notorious in their community for being lovable goof balls so all of the products they make are completely saturated in dork vibes.  Cool guys beware!

Heather and Casey Filbey took over the Reclamation Dept in Spring 2013  when the original founders, Mychele Woolley-Fly and Ben Pitts decided to get out from behind the ol' sewing machine and go explore the world.  Casey had apprenticed under the lovely couple for a year and Heather is an experienced seamstress so it was a nice fit and a clean transition.  The sisters were thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to keep Mychele and Ben's vision alive and they constantly strive to build upon it.


About Heather & Casey

Heather and Casey are sisters, best friends and business soul mates.  While they are both very creative, Casey is whimsical and takes risks artistically where Heather is methodical and business minded.  Heather and Casey inspire and encourage one another and have a dynamic way of building upon each other's ideas.  They share a strange sense of humor with a depth of awkwardness that very few can tolerate and even fewer can appreciate.  Weirdos like them need to stick together!


casey1Casey Filbey lives in Long Beach with her boyfriend Adam and their incredibly lazy cat Barnaby.  Their home is a 1920s craftsman house in the historical Rose Park district that is fully decked out with their their vintage finds.  Casey and Adam also collect and restore vintage cars, vans and motorcycles.  One of their current projects is a 1967 Dodge Tradesman Van that is the official Reclamation Dept Mobile used to travel to craft fairs and trade shows.

Aside from being a talented artist and seamstress, Casey is also a wonderful musician with an armory of unique instruments and a voice that will give you chills.  Currently she is singing for the Eugene Owens 60s Soul Revue, and working on a solo album.

heather1Heather Filbey  has been peddling her handcrafted goods since she was a teenager, selling jewelry and hats at music festivals and on the southern california beaches.   She has a keen eye for color and a talent for meticulous art forms like sewing, jewelry and needlework.  Heather also has independently studied western herbalism and natural medicine for over 10 years, attending workshops and symposiums held by leaders in the healing arts.   She is an adventurous spirit who balances her domestic craftiness with outdoor sports and traveling.  She lived in northern Arizona for 5 years where she spent her free time rock climbing and exploring the desert canyons.   After moving back to Long Beach she spent 5 years training in Capoeira and was able to travel all over the US and Brasil with her group.   Heather now lives a few blocks away from her sister Casey with her lovely daughter Dylana and her 2 dogs Rosie and Pancho.


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